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Canada Set to be First G8 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

Canada Set to be First G8 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

Canada is slated to go where no G8 Nation has gone before; legalizing marijuana entirely, from coast to coast.

G8 Nations have had an off-and-on relationship regarding weed, with the United States’ recent semi-acceptance being the most prominent case. Policies vary in America from state to state, with some legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, others legalizing it across the board, and the majority keeping it as an illegal recreational drug. However, on a federal level, weed is still off limits – making American, technically, an anti-marijuana country.

But Canada Isn’t About to Sit on the Fence

Canada’s Liberal party, in the most recent election, made the legalization of marijuana a large part of their agenda. In 2015, shortly after election, Governor-General David Johnson made it clear they still intended to keep their word. Quoted from Canadian Global News, Johnson stated: “The Government will introduce legislation that… will legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana.”

What is Canada’s Current Marijuana Policy?

Canada has been working to legalize marijuana for some time. The Conservative party made election promises over the last decade, and now the Liberal party is as well. However, while that plan wasn’t put in effect as quickly as everyone would have hoped, as is typical for most election promises, it seems ground is being gained.

According to Global News, while it is illegal to smoke weed, Canadian citizens are still able to get medical marijuana prescribed to them from the doctor, with little or no regulation.  Here is what to expect from the the legalization process.

All that considered, as far as the average weed-smoker is concerned, it can essentially be seen as legal. Unless someone is very unintelligent and smokes it in broad daylight, perhaps in front of a police station, the odds of encountering legal punishment are near non-existent.

How Would Legalizing Weed Affect Canada?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out with his stance on the matter, stating that it would help the government combat crime. As has been displayed in history time and time again, when people want something the government says they can’t have, it’s a breeding ground for lowlifes to step in and escalate the issue. Trudeau also referenced how crime stats dropped in Colorado and Washington once marijuana was legalized.


In the strictest sense, weed is not yet legal in Canada. However, medical use of it has been legalized, in ways that simply do not exist in other G8 countries. With a willingness from the public as well as the government, making recreational use of the drug legal is in the very near future.