How to Choose a Marijuana Dispensary

Dispensaries are on the rise as marijuana is being legalized across the country for medical and recreational use. Unlike a few years ago, when the purchase of cannabis was limited to a few select places, you now have many choices on where to buy your marijuana. With this surge of dispensary San Diego options come questions. Like with any product we purchase, we want to know that we are getting the best deal and quality for our money. That leaves us wondering how to choose a marijuana dispensary and which dispensary is the best? Choosing a dispensary may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we’ll go over the ways you can be sure you’re choosing a good dispensary, doing business with qualified people and getting the best quality for your money.

Excellent Quality, with a Good Selection

Whether you use marijuana medically, or recreationally, you probably know that there isn’t just one kind of cannabis. Over the years, growers have created their strains, and now that marijuana is legal, new strains are being created by growers and geneticists at an even faster rate. These strains not only vary in appearance and taste but also their biological make-up. While some strains are bred for high THC content, others are designed to be high in CBD. These varying levels have a significant impact on how a particular strain of marijuana will affect you and how well it will address your medical needs.

A good dispensary will not only have a good selection of marijuana to choose from, but their product will also be of good quality, and they will be highly knowledgeable of their products. The person you speak with should be able to explain the differences between the strains that they carry and confidently suggest which types would benefit you the most.

When buying marijuana from a dispensary, it should be packaged in a clear bag and completely visible. It should be fresh and green. Dried out, flaky, moldy, or foul-smelling marijuana is a clear indicator that you do not want to do business with a particular dispensary. If your local dispensaries are limited and you have to choose between selection or quality, you should always opt for quality.

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Do They Carry Other Forms of Marijuana?

Smoking isn’t for everyone. Many health-conscious people tend to prefer using marijuana in the form of edibles, or a vape instead of smoking it. Does the dispensary offer alternate forms of marijuana, or do they only carry the actual bud?

Though edibles are most often thought of like brownies, this isn’t the case anymore. Edibles are now most commonly found in the form of THC, or CBD infused candies, like hard candy, gumdrops and gummy bears. Oils are also an alternative option to traditional marijuana use that is a lot of popularity. A dispensary that carries oil concentrates will be able to educate you on their use and explain everything about them.

Do They Deliver?

Unless you live in a larger city, it is unlikely that you have a dispensary closer than an hour away. For an initial visit that may not be a big deal, but making the recurring trip can become inconvenient. For people with certain health problems leaving their house to visit their dispensary can be difficult or even impossible. A dispensary that delivers is always a better choice than one that doesn’t, especially if there aren’t any dispensaries in your city.

Do Your Homework

A dispensary may look amazing, they could have a top of the line facility and the best advertising, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Look up their business online and read any reviews left by previous customers. What is their current customer base saying about them? One, or two bad reviews may mean they’ve had some difficult customers. However, if you see an excessive amount of unhappy reviews or a trend of complaints you should take this as a warning that they may not be the best choice for you.

Do They Grow On Site, or Use Local Growers?

If not, do they make it clear where their marijuana is grown and handled? Grass grow sites vary from small farms, to extensive indoor facilities and the way that it is grown and processed before cultivation can affect how good the end product is. Less reputable farms may use techniques that aren’t the best, leading to a sub par product, or worse. If a dispensary does not grow on-site or make its source public knowledge, inquire about the grower and the techniques used. The more you know about the product, the more informed your decision can be.

We hope this article helped explain some of the critical things to consider when deciding how to choose a marijuana dispensary. Remember, a good dispensary will meet your needs, have experienced staff, and make you feel welcome.

Local SEO Tips for Marijuana Dispensaries

Redmond cannabis dispensary owners are facing stiff competition in the market due to the increase of service providers. This has made it difficult for some dealers to effectively market their products while using the traditional marketing strategies. Some traditional marketing platforms aren’t effective because brands are not visible among the targeted audience. Search engine optimization has helped many marijuana dispensary owners become visible among cannabis users. SEO helps websites rank top on search engines.

Here are some local SEO tips that can help a marijuana business succeed in search engines:

• Creating a Google business profile- A Google business profile automatically highlights your details ranging from name, phone number, and address among others. This will make it easy for clients near you to contact you.

• Creating a website- Search engine optimization depends on a website to carry out its tasks. The website should be professionally designed. People love websites that are well arranged and are each to navigate through.SEO experts advise website owners to be mobile optimize their websites. These are websites a person can comfortably access with their mobile phones. In addition to this, the website should include a physical address and a phone number.

• Using social media-As we all know, social media platforms house different people. All online marketing strategies require brands to have an online presence if they are to be successful with their marketing campaigns. Social media also houses a lot of potential customers.

• Listing your business with the popular directory listings-Directory listings not only improve the chances of someone finding your site but also provides links to your website. Marijuana dispensaries owners or operators should strictly look for reputable directories, or they risk hurting their SEO strategies.

• Regularly uploading content regularly-People love online marketers who regularly upload their content. This is the simplest way of making your customers coming back for more.

On-Site SEO strategy and Google analytics for Cannabis Dispensaries

On-site SEO strategy is very complicated, and a person needs to get help from a Marijuana SEO professional if he doesn’t have any experience. An effective Cannabis SEO involves using the best keywords. The selected keywords should be in alignment with your company’s objectives. The on-site strategy also involves appropriately naming links and header tags. Moving on, marijuana dealers using search engine strategy should ensure they install Google analytics. It helps in tracking the performance of a brand after a particular period. This helps in determining if a particular brand is working or not. Different online strategies work differently for different service providers.

Commercial Marijuana Growth


Starting your own cannabis business in areas of America where it is allowed to use, it is important that you can do your research first before engaging yourself in this kind of marketing. Although there is still a strict implementation of selling the drug such only selling it to those people who are required by their physician or in other words, medicinal type of marijuana. However, there are as well individuals who enjoy a good companion of marijuana as this is classified as the recreational which can be a tricky case for you to do business. Nevertheless, if you want to be in the commercial business keep in mind that you are updated to any marijuana update news.

Port Angeles recreational marijuana dispensaries have seen tremendous growth due to increasing demand just as many other retailers throughout the nation. While marijuana continues to grow in popularity it is vital to keep informed of local laws and legislation.

This is also a good way for you to avoid any means of misconduct, especially in manufacturing, cultivating, distributing and testing of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Reports have been said that the commercial business is prohibited to sell medicinal or recreational marijuana especially to areas that are not locally governed by its local municipal administration, but this can be sold out as a personal use for individuals who are proven to use the drug.

Furthermore, since there is a new law that has been released by the legislation in which in some parts of America like Los Angeles, can legally grow a Cannabis for personal use but only up to 6 plants. This is also allowed for people who have a single-family in which they are allowed to plant marijuana in an indoor or outdoor but for those who are planting Cannabis it is regulated that outdoor planting should not be seen by the public. If you are an individual who happens to be living in an apartment, it is limited to grow indoor marijuana.

The board members of the county in Los Angeles has voted to ban commercial marijuana business because this needed more time to efficiently take effect. There should be a responsible act proven by marketers who wants to do a retail marijuana business in the society. It is also said that having this kind of business is nothing to be rushed about since it takes a lot of time to study the pros and cons of the firm. It would be best as well to have a responsible, knowledgeable, accountable and transparent marijuana commerce.

Indeed, there are as well opponent’s significant concerns regarding the ban of commercial marijuana business especially to those people who are taking it with medical consent. Another concern is that for workers who are cultivating crops and may find themselves pressured in defense of the business. According to a marijuana industry news, the ban of commercial marijuana business is still working on the deadline for its regulations to be implemented which also includes the licensure for selling Cannabis in the state or at certain areas of the country.

Canada Set to be First G8 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

Canada Set to be First G8 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

Canada is slated to go where no G8 Nation has gone before; legalizing marijuana entirely, from coast to coast.

G8 Nations have had an off-and-on relationship regarding weed, with the United States’ recent semi-acceptance being the most prominent case. Policies vary in America from state to state, with some legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, others legalizing it across the board, and the majority keeping it as an illegal recreational drug. However, on a federal level, weed is still off limits – making American, technically, an anti-marijuana country.

But Canada Isn’t About to Sit on the Fence

Canada’s Liberal party, in the most recent election, made the legalization of marijuana a large part of their agenda. In 2015, shortly after election, Governor-General David Johnson made it clear they still intended to keep their word. Quoted from Canadian Global News, Johnson stated: “The Government will introduce legislation that… will legalize, regulate and restrict access to marijuana.”

What is Canada’s Current Marijuana Policy?

Canada has been working to legalize marijuana for some time. The Conservative party made election promises over the last decade, and now the Liberal party is as well. However, while that plan wasn’t put in effect as quickly as everyone would have hoped, as is typical for most election promises, it seems ground is being gained.

According to Global News, while it is illegal to smoke weed, Canadian citizens are still able to get medical marijuana prescribed to them from the doctor, with little or no regulation.  Here is what to expect from the the legalization process.

All that considered, as far as the average weed-smoker is concerned, it can essentially be seen as legal. Unless someone is very unintelligent and smokes it in broad daylight, perhaps in front of a police station, the odds of encountering legal punishment are near non-existent.

How Would Legalizing Weed Affect Canada?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out with his stance on the matter, stating that it would help the government combat crime. As has been displayed in history time and time again, when people want something the government says they can’t have, it’s a breeding ground for lowlifes to step in and escalate the issue. Trudeau also referenced how crime stats dropped in Colorado and Washington once marijuana was legalized.


In the strictest sense, weed is not yet legal in Canada. However, medical use of it has been legalized, in ways that simply do not exist in other G8 countries. With a willingness from the public as well as the government, making recreational use of the drug legal is in the very near future.

Marijuana Laws Around the World

So in the United States, there are so many issues with marijuana being legalized? This is why some states it is illegal completely, other states have it legal, only in the medical sense, and other states, like Colorado, have it completely legalized. What about the rest of the world? What are their laws on marijuana? Well, here I am going to tell you about some of them.


It is legal for medical and scientific reasons. Any persons in the Australian Capital and Northern Territory can legally grow one or two non-hydroponic plants for personal use. They may be grown on their own property. In the Northern Territory instead of being charged as a criminal, they will give you 28 days jail time, and a $200 fine. In Australia hydroponically grown cannabis is considered commercial quantity, but legal to grow non-hydroponic cannabis is certain areas. Their laws change state to state just like the United States.


Jane Philpott, the Health Minister of Canada announced that in the spring of 2018 a new legislation on marijuana to be regulated and legalized. At the moment it is used for medical purposes, and again just like the United States laws differ from province to province.


Anything having to do with cannabis in France and 100% illegal. You cannot grow, own or even consume marijuana in France. However, in June of 2013, they allow the sale of medications that include cannabis derivatives.


Is allowed to be used for medical purposes in Germany, but the recreational use of marijuana is legal, but considered as self-harm and not considered a crime. It is only legal to those with a prescription or if you have permission from the “Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices”.


The use of marijuana in Italy is usually decriminalized when it is a legal medical use and/or for religious use. Obtaining small amounts of marijuana for personal use is only a misdemeanor and can end in fine and suspension of passport or driver’s license. If you sell marijuana, it is illegal and is likely for you to end up in prison. Medical and industrial use of marijuana is strategically watched and regulated!


Marijuana is strictly illegal in Japan. It has been restricted since 1948. They have very strict laws on marijuana as possession and use can get you up to five years in prison. Transport, cultivation, and sale get you from seven to ten years, plus a hefty fine. Bottom line, don’t get caught with anything marijuana in Japan.

There are a lot of countries all over the world that still have the use, sale, transport, and cultivation of marijuana illegal. These were just a few that have a few different standards on the laws of marijuana in their territories. Here are a few places the use of marijuana at all is still completely illegal:

  • Slovakia
  • South Korea
  • Romania
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • Laos
  • Indonesia
  • Iceland
  • Hong Kong

These were just a few that is completely illegal, and some could even result in the death penalty if caught with marijuana. This was just to tell you some of the many marijuana laws around the world today.